How to set up your Quick Raid buttons

This is a guide on how to set up your quick raid buttons.


STEP 1: Go to your programs folder, then to sony, and choose the everquest 2 folder:

STEP 2: Go to UI folder:

STEP 3: Go to Profit UI folder then to _Profit UI_Quickraidbuttons.


In the next few widows is where you will make your changes:

Find your class (fury is highlighted).

The Data Name="Button1" Means it's button 1, so on the UI the # 1 button will cast that spell.  

Macro="useabilityonplayer Parent.Target Greater Bloodflow" Tooltip="Greater Bloodflow"/>  this is what your macro is.

Parent.Target is what allows this to cast on a player without targeting them.  You can also use this in your text macros in place of %T.  

To change the spell you will need to use the exact name of the spell.  In this case it is Greater Bloodflow.  You will need to change this after Parent.Target and also after tool tip.  Make sure to capitalize exactly how the spell is.


To create a text comment for a macro.  hit enter after the name of the spell Macro="useabilityonplayer Parent.Target Ruinous Heart <--- (see below in the screen shot)

Next type what type of chat .  You do not have to type /say.  Just type say, raid, gsay, guildsay ect.  then space then what you would like to say (do not add ' " or more than one !.   See the screen shot below

After your text besure to add the end of the scripting  " Tooltip="Ruinous Heart"/>

Once done - go to file Save.  Make sure to make a back up copy so when you update you can replace your buttons easily.