How to change your ProfitUI button colors

Ok this is how you change the back ground colors of your buttons such as armor, potions get rid of the grey/white.

1.  Go to your EQ2 folder, go to UI then choose the ProfitUI folder and open it.

2. Open the .txt file that says _ProfitUI_InventoryColorSettings.

3. The groups of 3 color settings are what change your colors.  To change the colors you have to change the values next to r (red), g (green), b (blue).

4. Once you have these color settings to where you want them.  Click on File then save.  NOTE: if you have to update your UI (due to a live update or a fix by the creator) you will have to redo these settings.  So if you save this txt file to some where else on your computer like My Documents, as a copy then you can just copy and paste.  I learned this the hard way and had to fiddle with the colors by logging in and out of eq2 about 20 times.

The color numbers show below are different than the default.  These are my own personal colors.  I took a screen shot of the different colors below.


My UI button colors: The empty bag slots are the Empty fields.  The green sleves are unattuned, the heart and feather are "attuned/no trade"  and the bones are "filled"  The sleeves are unuseable...I kept that one on the default I think.